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Weekend Class Schedule


Introductory class overview

Taking the first steps on your rollerblades can be intimidating and uncertain. With an introductory class with us, the learner can expect to pick up the essential skills that is needed for beginners. Learning how to stand up, break a fall, balance and minimal steps to rolling. 

Progression overview

Your very first Introductory class

after 3~9 month

more than 9 month

Equipment introduction - learn to wear skating essentials like knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, helmet and inline-skates

Emphasis on safety - safe-stance, break a fall, v-walk , ready-roll, 

Basics skills - scootering, heel-stop, 4-wheel balances, striding.

Intermediate skills - deep scootering, t-stop, spin stop, parallel turn, 5-wheel balances 

Advanced skills - stride 3, backwards skating, transitions, lunge turn, cross-over, powerslide, 2-wheel balances

Freestyle (selection based) - freestyle sliding, speed slalom, classic slalom

note: progression overview is an estimate and may differ for every learner

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